How to Protect Your Spine? | Mehta Spine

Old people sometimes claim to predict a change in weather with the change in joint pains, and they might have been onto something. Similarly, people with chronic back pain may notice a change in how they feel as the seasons change or weather shifts. But the connection between weather and spine pain isn’t very well defined, and several reasons play into why a person might feel pain based on where they live or the ongoing season. The warmer weather definitely fair well with the spine, but the outdoor activities it calls for might be risky for the spine. Given below are a few ways in which you can protect your spine in the warmer weather.

Start the outdoor activities a little at a time

We are all excited and set to return to outdoor activities when the weather becomes nice, but it is better to start slow. When you are returning to an activity that you have not done for months, it happens that the muscles used for that particular activity become unconditioned and therefore more prone to injury.

Travel safe

Summer time brings with it holidays, picnics and fun activities. However, all that travelling might involve long hours of sitting in a cramped car, plane, or train, which may cause neck and/or back pain. If possible, try to break your long trips with some rest stop every hour or two to get out and stretch; or if you’re on a plane or train, get up and stretch, or walk in the aisle every few hours.

Beware of water hazards

Warmer weather brings with it water activities. But do not lose sight for safety. Remember to swim in areas designated for swimming with a lifeguard on duty. Do not dive into shallow or unknown water, which could result in a serious cervical spine injury from hitting your head.

While slouching and vitamin D deficiency are the main cause of spinal pain in most cases, sedentary lifestyle is also very bad for your spine health. But, you do not need to do anything rigorous to keep it strong and flexible. From sitting upright to stretching more often, a few lifestyle changes can help you improve your overall spine health and help you lead an active life.