4 Simple Tips to Protect Your Spine in Warm Weather

Most people who combat back pain report a growing discomfort in their back as the average temperature gradually soars in the warmer months of the year. Given that the soaring heat is difficult to cope up for the normal and healthy people like us; it’s even tougher for people suffering from chronic pain.

The sudden changes in temperature and moisture content in the air are believed to pose a challenge for the patients in regulating their system like they always do. Despite the fact the science could not explain the exact reason for this correlation, many patients are reported to experience the pain on similar lines during the warmer months.

Easy Ways to Relieve Back Pain

Stay Indoors:

This is the most simple and easiest thing to do to totally avoid back pain due to weather change. Adjust your air conditioning in your home and stay inside. But we know it’s not possible to stay completely away from the outdoors so we got other tips for you as well.

Indulge in low impact exercises:

You can go for a walk in a relaxing outdoor setting to bask-in the much-needed sunshine. If this feels less likely, you can also opt for water workouts: a light swims with proper technique, which helps you stay cool and acts as a viable alternative for low impact exercise like walking. Even a simple activity like water treading is found to best very effective and low-impact activity that not only burns calories but also strengthen muscles that support the spine.

Don’t jump right-in but take it slow:

Resorting to low impact activities will help but we request you to take it slow. It’s quite common to feel energized as the weather becomes warm and friendly. When you are all enthusiastic about the weather you tend to do more than your normal level, which your body is not accustomed to. When you overdo an activity, your body becomes vulnerable for a new injury or even inflammation. So make a slow progress as far as your everyday outdoor activities are concerned. Avoid too much physically demanding works in a single session. If it needs to be, plan out the large task into small chunks with regular breaks.

Take off your diet and stay hydrated:

To make it simple for you:

  • Choose foods with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Look-out for nutrient-rich vegetables that fight inflammation.
  • Limit fried foods and replace your red meat with chicken or even biter, fish. And stay away from alcohol or at least limit the intake of alcohol which is a powerful dehydrating agent.
  • As usual, drink a lot of water.

In most cases, this simple tips can help you reduce or even prevent back pain. But being a multifactorial condition, the pain could find its way back owing to a different reason altogether. In case you are still suffering from the back pain, we request you to consult with a Spine Doctor as soon as possible.