5 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Your Neck and Back Pain to Feel Better at Work

It is no wonder that most of the techies complain of sore back and neck ache. Sedentary lifestyle, long working hours with poor postures, gazing at their omnipresent smartphones for longer times contribute to the deterioration of back and neck health. Almost all of the techies are accustomed to feeling stiff, achy and creaky at the end of the working day and that says a lot about the amount of strain they put on their bodies.

What causes a backache and neck pain?

When you are poorly seated in front of your monitor, your neck falls out of its natural position (low or high) to adjust to the screen. Your head  weighs around 11 pounds which falls out of its position exerting consistent strain on your neck, shoulder and also affecting your breathing. Now imagine this happening day-in and day-out for 7-8 hours, and then your neck again falls over to gaze at your smartphones and this will only make things worse.

How to stop a work-related backache and neck pain?

There are two types of pain: Chronic and Acute back pains. While chronic pains are persistent and are difficult to treat, acute pains are abrupt pains that occur sporadically and can be treated easily.

Here are some simple changes that you can make to get rid of your work-related back and neck pain:

Take the right seating position :

Adjust your office chair to a height so that your knees are at right angle to your hips and your feet are flat on the floor. Sit straight and place our hips back and align the spine to the natural curve of the chair.

Keep your head at the right level:

Maintain a straight head posture by raising your monitor to comfortably align with your eye-level. When your sit make sure that the keyboard and mouse are closer to you so that your posture doesn’t fall off the line.

Take breaks and get moving:

Finding your perfect position need not mean that you must stay in the same seated position. Taking a break for every 40 minutes at least boosts circulation and reduces the spinal disk pressure and also allows you to stretch your body a bit.  This short burst of activity even for 1 or 2 minutes goes a long way in boosting your spine health.

Stretches and Massages help a lot:

Following a regular stretch, the routine can help relieve the tension off your neck. These stretches loosen the tight spots and strengthen the neck and back to reduce the pain. Yoga is a good choice for a stretch routine, taking a massage now and then also helps in easing your tension and decreases the chance of pulling your neck muscles in future.

Strength Training is recommended:

If stretches and massage to help you treat the back and neck pains but a regular exercise can potentially prevent you from having the pains in the first place. The spine is supported by the back and core muscles and strengthening exercises like lifting weights increase your strength and flexibility, enhances your balance and also increases your bone density.

If you have already tried the above steps and are still unable to reduce your back or neck pain it is possible the cause of your pains is different which can be treated with the help of a doctor.