Scoliosis And Sports: Can You Participate?

Scoliosis is the deformation of the spine curvature. In this disease, the spine does not have a normal curvature, but it becomes in the shape of “S” or “C”. It occurs before puberty. As time passes, spinal deformities in children become worse. The exact reasons for scoliosis are not determined, but it usually occurs due to spinal injury or genetic disorders.

Due to this abnormal curvature of the spine, many people believe that the patient cannot participate in games. But this is not the whole truth about scoliosis and sports. Not all sports are harmful to people suffering from scoliosis. Many games are favorable for scoliosis patients.

Here is the list of some sports which are ideal for scoliosis patients:

1. Swimming

Swimming is the ideal sport and activity for scoliosis patients. It is because it helps to strengthen the spine. The weightless effect of the water remains gentle on the backbone and provides comfort to scoliosis patients. Swimming maintains the correct body posture underwater and helps the patients in making their muscles stronger.

2. Cycling

Cycling helps scoliosis patients to do cardiovascular exercise without impacting their deformed curvature of the spine. However, cycling should only be limited to usual cycling because mountain and other aggressive cycling cause harm to the scoliosis suffering spine.

3. Running or jogging

Running and jogging are perfect for scoliosis patients. It keeps them healthy and does not affect their spine. But walking or slow jogging is recommended for scoliosis patients because it is easy on their backbone and does not give shocks.

While talking about running, we should not forget Usain Bolt, the fastest runner on the earth is a scoliosis patient. This disease did not slow him down, and he defeated it with his determination.

4. Soccer

Soccer is one of the most beneficial sports for scoliosis patients. It is advantageous for people suffering from mid-back scoliosis. It helps in strengthening the core muscles which support the spine.

However, while playing this game, avoid the collisions as much as possible. It is because collisions badly impact spine health, especially during the scoliosis surgery  period.

While the above sports support the spine and maintain its good health, some sports are not recommended to scoliosis patients by the spine surgeon in the UK.

These prohibited sports are:

1. Collision sports like basketball and hockey

Collision is harmful to scoliosis patients. It badly affects the spine. The further injuries in the backbone make the situation critical. So, it is advised to avoid these sports completely.

2. Asymmetrical sports like golf and bowling

Scoliosis is responsible for incorrect posture or asymmetrical body structure. Playing asymmetrical sports favors the deformity of the spine and makes the condition worse. In this way, not every sport is prohibited for scoliosis patients. They can enjoy a variety of games. But these games should be played with care.

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