Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Before Back Surgery

Back surgery is advised by doctors when the conservative methods fail to treat the symptoms and conditions. In such cases, back surgery is the best option for the patient to get relief from the acute back pain. If the doctor has advised a back surgery to the patient, it is normal for the patient to be curious. Asking questions from the surgeon does not mean doubting his experience. Back specialists appreciate the inquiring behavior of their patients.

Here are the questions that the patient may ask the surgeon before undergoing back surgery:

1.      What are the risks involved in this surgery?

Every surgery includes some risk, no matter how minor they are. Before undergoing back surgery, it is necessary to ask the surgeon about the potential risks of the surgery, what are the chances of their occurrence and what complications will they create?

2.      What are the benefits of the surgery, and how long will these benefits last?

Patients should clear the air between them and the surgeon regarding the benefits of the surgery. They should ask about the specific merits of the surgery and how much relief it will give to the patient.

Further, the patients should ask if the benefits of the surgery can be enjoyed for a lifetime or are limited to a specific time. These questions will make the patient’s mind clearer, and he will have a better ability to decide for the surgery.

3.      Should I get a second opinion?

In certain cases, it may be required to get a second opinion for the surgery. In that case, the spinal surgeons UK provide a list of individuals who also qualify to perform the surgery on the patients.

4.      What is the surgeon’s experience in performing the surgery?

Experience is crucial in back surgery. The patient can ask about the surgeon’s experience with the surgery. He may also ask about the number of surgeries the surgeon has performed, along with the record of his success and complications.

It will give the patient a better insight into the surgeon. If the patient does not feel confident in his surgeon, he can go for the best surgeon in the UK and reduce the surgery risks.

5.      What are the alternatives to the surgery?

The patients should ask the surgeon about the alternatives to the surgery. Many times, there remain some alternative options that are less risky than the surgery and provide equal relief to the patient. Discuss with your surgeon if any such alternative exists.

6.      What are the costs involved in the surgery?

It is necessary to know about the costs involved with the surgery and the options to pay for them. The patient should confirm all the cost details before making a final decision for the surgery.


Deciding on the back surgery is not an easy task. Take ample time to decide about the surgery and then come to the final decision. Dr. Jwalant S. Mehta is one of the top 10 surgeons in the UK. He specializes in spinal deformity corrections. Visit Dr. Mehta for the best back surgery with lower risks and complications.