Five Things about Lumbar Decompression Surgery

Lumbar decompression surgery is performed to treat the nerves that are compressed in the lower spine. It surgery is an effective treatment for spinal stenosis, spinal injuries, and metastatic spinal cord compression.

Here are Five Things that you should know about Lumbar Decompression Surgery

1. Orthopedic vs Neurosurgeons

While looking for a surgeon to look into your lumbar decompression, you might be confused between an orthopedic and a neurosurgeon. For spine surgeries, either a spine orthopedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon can be the right choice. However, they have their differences to let you decide what is best for you. It is always advisable to talk to your doctor about the severity of your case. Depending upon the factors , you can consult the right doctor for your condition.

2. Success Rates

The lumbar depression surgery success rate is about 90%, which is decently high as compared to the seriousness of the procedure. Though there is little risk of dying from the procedure of surgery, the aftermath of the treatment can be of a little inconvenience for some. The nerves may take a long time to heal and the patients who have undergone the surgery continue to feel the weakness in their body for up to a year. 

3. Effective Treatment for Spondylolisthesis 

Most surgeons agree that decompression surgery is an effective treatment for spondylolisthesis, which is a medical condition of one bone slipping onto the bone below it. Though not the first option for many, it is usually used only when the non-surgical methods fail to ease the pain or discomfort to the patients. There are many centers for spondylolisthesis treatment UK offers, and the best one would be discussed later in the blog. 

4. Painless Procedure

Since the patients are given a dose of general anesthesia while the surgery is going on, they remain unconscious most of the time. No pain during the surgery is felt, and the duration of the surgery may range depending upon the complexity and the severity of the condition.

5. Complications with the Lumbar Decompression Surgery

Though this surgery has high success rates, it also has its set of complications that it may be associated with. Some of them are infection at the site of the surgery, development of blood clots, and damaged nerves which may lead to paralysis. The last complication can be avoided if you choose a professional who is highly skilled for this surgery.

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