Prolapsed Disc Symptoms and Treatment

A prolapsed disc is referred to as a medical condition in which the outer layer of the intervertebral is injured or deformed. This injury makes the nucleus pulposus come out, which is a soft material. This prolapsed disc can slip into the spinal canal deforming the spinal cord and spinal nerves. It is a condition that requires immediate medical assistance once diagnosed and can develop suddenly or gradually, depending on the case.

The prolapsed disc can be a result of falling from a long height or an attempt to lift something extremely heavy. Weakened outer fiber may also result in the prolapse of the disc. This weakening can be due to genetics, the nature of aging, or the kind of work that you do every day- it is hard to tell which. However, there are effective treatments for a prolapsed disc, and you can see a scoliosis specialist for the same.

Symptoms of a Prolapsed Disc

The common symptoms of a prolapsed disc include pain in the back or neck. Since the prolapse of the disc affects spinal nerves, the location of where you can notice the symptoms often determines what kind of nerve has been damaged or affected. Here is a list of some additional symptoms that you should look out for:

● Numbness or continuous tingling in arms or legs
● Pain in the buttocks
● Pain behind the shoulder area
● Excessive weakness in arms and legs
● In severe cases, not being able to control bowel movements
● Numbness in the genital area

Treatment of a Prolapsed Disc

Although most of the mild cases of the discs getting prolapsed get better on their own with time, it is essential to know when to consider a spinal correction. The first thing any scoliosis specialist would do to treat your prolapse is prescribing you a few anti-inflammatory medications along with routine physiotherapy to relieve the pain.

Most mild cases of prolapsed discs improve after these therapies and proper care. But if your doctor still sees no sign of improvement, surgery might be an effective option. Surgery for the prolapsed disc has boosted the recovery time for the patients with this condition; hence it might be a good option for the patients.

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