What is Anterior Scoliosis Correction (ASC)?

Anterior Scoliosis Correction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed for children suffering from the abnormal sideways curve of the spine. A cutting edge procedure, the Anterior Scoliosis surgery is considered a better alternative to more invasive scoliosis treatment procedures like spinal fusion surgery for patients in the adolescent growth phase.

How does Anterior Scoliosis Correction work?

Anterior Scoliosis Correction is performed by placing titanium screws on the convex side of the scoliosis curve. A flexible cord called tether is then attached to the screws paced in the vertebrae of the convex curve just like a thread. As the surgeon tightens the cord, the thread brings together the spinal screws in line straightening the spine partially. The curve shows an instant improvement and as the tether is in place, it continuously helps the spine remain and grow straight gradually correcting the curvature and remodeling the spine.

Benefits of Anterior Scoliosis Correction:

Unlike other conventional procedures, Anterior Scoliosis Correction uses the patient’s own growth as the driving forces for the correction of the spinal curve. Though the bracing procedures help the spinal curve from progressing it is of limited help, unlike Anterior Scoliosis Correction where the load is directly applied to the spinal curve to control and correct the curve.

Even when compared with minimally invasive spinal procedures like Spinal fusion, Anterior Scoliosis Correction is less invasive, requires less hardware, has a lower risk of infection, involves less bloodless and allows continued spinal mobility, growth, and has a lower risk of long term complications than spinal fusion surgery. As the procedure is less invasive, the length of hospital stay is less and so is the inconvenience caused when compared to spinal fusion surgery.

Thus, Anterior Scoliosis requires fares better and is the right alternative to spinal fusion especially for the children who are still in their growth phase.

Mr. Jwalant S. Mehta is the  children and adult spinal surgeon in the UK who has treated hundreds of idiopathic scoliosis conditions in children. Though Anterior Scoliosis Correction fares better than Spinal Fusion Surgery, according to the spine specialist Mr. Jwalant S.Mehta not every patient with scoliosis is eligible for Anterior Scoliosis Correction.

The Right Candidate for Anterior Scoliosis Correction:

The procedure of Anterior Scoliosis Correction works in two phases. Phase one is the procedure where the curve is partially corrected with the tether and phase two is when the curve gradually corrects itself as the skeletal bones mature. So the procedure is efficient and is more suited to the children who are yet to attain the skeletal maturity which is around 8-15 years of age. In addition to the age criteria, the spinal curve must measure between 35 and 60 digress and the child has to be diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis only.

Being a cutting edge scoliosis treatment procedure, there are only a handful of skilled spinal surgeons in the UK, specializing in Anterior Scoliosis Correction Treatment in the UK. And Mr. Jwalant S. Mehta is one of them. A Specialist Children and Adult Spinal Surgeon in the UK, Mr. Jwalant S. Mehta holds an excellent track record in Anterior Scoliosis Correction.