Myopathy Scoliosis : Causes, Symptoms & Treated Options

Myopathy Scoliosis : Dawned by new technology, we were also cursed with diseases. These diseases weaken our bodies. Some of the diseases are minor and can be easily treated, while others are very severe and can also lead to death.

Few of these diseases may be because of man. For example, due to chemicals or radiation etc. But many diseases are natural. They may be caused at birth. They may develop later.

Some diseases can be due to heredity along with other causes. One such example is muscle myopathy. Along with this, myopathy scoliosis or scoliosis in mitochondrial myopathy is another major disease. It has no cure but treatment can be used to reduce its impact on the patients.

Meaning of Myopathy Scoliosis

Myopathy basically means diseases of the skeletal muscles. They lead to weakness in muscles. They are of various types and have many causes.

Myopathy Scoliosis is a spinal deformity. Very little is known about Scoliosis in Mitochondrial Myopathy. The prevalence of this disorder is only 5 per cent in the patients. It leads to many spinal problems which must be treated early and properly to prevent any further complications.

Causes of Myopathy Scoliosis

The most important cause or factor of Myopathy Scoliosis is the genetic factor. Myopathy Scoliosis can be passed on from one person to another due to heredity. If you know anyone in your family who has or had been affected by this disease, it is better to go to the doctor and take measures to prevent it from affecting you.

It can also be acquired. Some causes are fatigue in the muscles, imbalance in the electrolytes, and dehydration. All these cause the muscles to become stiff or develop cramps.

Symptoms of Myopathy Scoliosis

Myopathy symptoms include reduction in muscle tone, muscles becoming very weak, motor skills are delayed, weakness in facial muscles can be noticed, eyelids droop, cramps or contractions are developed in muscles.

How is it Treated?

There are no specific treatments for Myopathy Scoliosis. Only treatments like using supporting devices, braces, therapy (physical and occupational), certain medications or surgery, can help. For surgery, you can reach out to the top 10 spine surgeons in the UK.

Suppressant agents can also be used for myopathy. Management of diet must also be kept in mind.

There is no end cure for this disease. But it can be treated using these methods to reduce the symptoms and reduce the pain of the patient.

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