Risks & Benefits of Spinal Fusion?| Symptoms of Loose Screws after Spinal Fusion

In order to comprehend whether or not an individual should get a spinal fusion, it is essential to understand what the term actually means. Spinal fusion in simple words can be defined as the process where bone problems experienced in the spine can be corrected. In this process, two or more vertebrae are fused together and healed into one solid bone. This can give more stability to the entire spine.

There are several occasions when spinal fusion can be required or suggested by the doctor when the patient might be experiencing disk related problems, deformities such as curvature of the spine, or even spinal weakness. The quality of life after spinal fusion might change for people who experience these issues.

Naturally, there are some risks associated with the surgery. Some of the long-term side effects of spinal fusion and common problems after spinal fusion are mentioned below.

The risks associated with going through with a spinal fusion are:

  1. Infection: Some patients experience catching infections after surgery.
  2. Bleeding or blood clots: Some patients might experience blood clots and even bleeding.
  3. Injury in the nerves: Naturally, when dealing with the spine, there is always a risk of suffering through nerve damage. There can be various complications that might come along with it.
  4. Poor wound healing: Some patients might experience poor wound healing that can be painful as well.
  5. Lingering pain: One might assume that going through with the surgery might result in there being no pain. However, that might not be true for everyone. Some people do experience pain even after the surgery.
  6. Limited mobility: Sometimes, patients experience their mobility and flexibility being limited because of the fusion of the vertebrae. However, it might be worth it if there is a reduction in the pain that exists.

There are other aftermaths of spinal fusion as well. Like any surgery, this procedure can also have long-term side effects. As there is not enough research conducted to formulate a textbook definition of what the effects might be in the long run, it becomes important to know what they could be. It is always advisable to seek assistance from expert doctor down the road. Most of the patients that opt for this surgery are young and require regular check-ups.

There is various hardware involved in the surgery that must be acknowledged to understand the benefits the procedure provides. You can tell if the screws attached are loose when a sudden pain is experienced or when you feel bulges in your spine. When the screws get loose, it can also result in infections.

These are few things to keep in mind whenever an individual opts for spinal fusion surgery. It is important to make sure that the doctor is in touch with the patient concerned so that all the issues are communicated adequately. These are common problems after spinal fusion that people suffering from spinal pain must know about.

Before getting a spinal fusion, it is always a good idea to be aware of the risks and aftermaths associated with it.