Causes and Treatment of Spinal Disc Problem

Are you experiencing severe pain in your back and joints? Is the pain recurring? Then chances are that you have an intervertebral disc problem. If this sounds complex and scary then no need to worry because we will simplify all these terms for you and even suggest to you the best doctor you can visit to get all these problems solved in order to live a normal, healthy, pain-free life. This article aims to tell you everything that you need to know about spine problems symptoms, disc problem treatment, and spine care specialists.


What are Intervertebral Discs?

Intervertebral discs which in popular parlance are known as just discs are spongy tissues that are present between two vertebrae of the spine.

What are the Factors That Make You More Prone to Intervertebral Disc Problems?

There are a number of risk factors associated with spinal problems which are enumerated below:

  • Age: The risk of spinal problems increases with age since spinal fluid also decreases with age along with a decrease in flexibility and the ease with which one goes about one daily activity.
  • Weight: If you are overweight or obese then you are at a greater risk of contracting back pain and other symptoms related to the spine.
  • Lifestyle: If you have a sedentary lifestyle that involves sitting down for a long time or staying in the same posture or attitude then you are at a greater risk of encountering intervertebral disc problems.
  • Frequency of physical exercise: If you do not exercise frequently, then you could face problems. Conversely, if you exercise too much and do them incorrectly, then you are at risk of contracting disc injuries that are quite immobilizing and painful.
  • Amount of physical labor done: If your job involves constant lifting of heavy objects without adequate rest, it is bound to take a toll on your neck, back, and spine.
  • Poor Posture: Having a bad posture is directly linked to back and spine problems.
  • Consuming cigarettes

Symptoms of Disc problems

  • Back pain
  • Pain while sitting in a particular posture
  • Pain while exercising or experiencing any sudden muscle stress due to coughing, sneezing, or stretching
  • Pain radiating towards limbs
  • Numbness

Major Types of Intervertebral Disc Problems

All intervertebral disc issues can be classified under the following broad rubrics:

  • The strain on the disc
  • If your disc is sprained
  • Degenerative disc disease people can have it without experiencing any symptoms)
  • Slipped, protruded, or herniated discs causing immense pain radiating outwards towards limbs.


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