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If the back pain has reached a point that only surgical alternatives are available options to fix the underlying cause of symptoms for good, then it is high time you find the right spine surgeon for your spine surgical procedure. If you are in a similar boat then this blog is for you. In this piece here we are going to provide a few tips that can help you pick the right spine surgeon for your spinal surgical procedure. So read on:


Who is a Spine Surgeon? 

While an orthopaedic surgeon is a surgical specialist for body’s musculoskeletal system that includes joints bones muscle tendons and nerves, an orthopaedic spine surgeon is a surgical expert who specializes in diagnosis and treatment of all types of spinal conditions and diseases. An orthopaedic spine surgeon or a neurosurgeon after receiving their fellowship i.e. highest training available, followed by years of successful practice in treating spinal conditions become spine specialist.

So, how to pick a right Spine Surgeon in the UK?

If you are considering surgery for your spinal condition then you must diligently consider the right Spine Surgeon in the UK, which can be a tough task. But with the right help you can easily choose the best spine surgeon in UK of your spine treatment with ease and here’s a brief checklist to help you do it.

Education:  A board-certified spinal surgeon with certifications and fellowship in spine surgery and training is the basic qualification for a spinal surgeon to be an expert in a variety of spinal surgical procedures in UK. Often you can find these details on the About Us section of the website, look out for his memberships in the spin organizations; and other unique certifications. You can also verify a surgeon’s credentials from the General Medical Council.

Experience: While the qualifications of the surgeon are the basic requirement experience of the spine surgeon stands as a testament for their success. Moreover, the experience of the spine surgeon in the UK is positively correlated with reduced complications, decreased stay in hospital and lower reoperation rates. Not every spine surgeon has more than 20 years’ experience but makes sure your spine surgeons fairly experienced in the procedure you wish to have.

Speciality: Surgical procedures of the spine have undergone a rapid advancement past few years. While making sure the specialist of the spine surgeon and his experience aligns with your treatment procedure is a top priority also make sure that the spine surgeon is experienced in advanced spinal surgical procedures for your spinal condition.

Reviews & Testimonials:  Nothing speaks louder and clearer about a spine surgeon’s success than a satisfied testimonial from his former patients. You can go through the reviews and testimonials from patients who were treated for a similar condition. If possible you can also contact them for further verification. Generally, this a great place to start to have a fair idea about the Spine Surgeon in the UK. And when you are done shortlisting spine surgeons you can directly meet them to discuss your options and get their opinion to have a better idea about the procedure and choice of the spinal surgeon.

Specializing in spinal deformity corrections and all types of spinal conditions, Mr Jwalant S.Mehta is an expert Children and Adult Spinal Surgeon in the UK with an impeccable track record. Having completed his higher surgical training in South East Thames and the Wales Deaneries with spinal fellowships from Bristol, and Columbia Missouri, USA, he has been treating all types of spinal conditions in the UK for more than 10 years now. If you are looking for Spine Surgeon in the UK, you can contact him here: