Pregnant Women with Scoliosis: How it Affects

Women with scoliosis often have doubts and questions regarding whether or not they should get pregnant. There are various doubts regarding risks during pregnancy or delivery or even doubts regarding fertility and conception. People fear the possibility of additional complications and probable birth defects in their children.

In this article, we will tell you everything that you need to know about pregnancy and scoliosis and whether or not it poses any risk. We will also recommend spine and scoliosis specialists you can approach to further alleviate your doubts.

Possible Risks from Scoliosis

Pregnancy often involves risks whether or not you have scoliosis. This article provides a complete guide that discusses fertility, conception, and pregnancy for women with scoliosis. You will be relieved to know that comprehensive research and studies in this field have shown that scoliosis does not cause any peculiar complications in conception, gestation, and delivery.

The risks are the same as in any other woman without scoliosis. Scoliosis does not increase the risk of stillbirths or birth defects. Women with scoliosis, women who have undergone spinal fusion surgery can also get pregnant. An oft-asked question is whether or not the baby will have scoliosis. Research on this end is still in the works but what we do know is that scoliosis is a hereditary defect. It is not necessary, however, that your child will have scoliosis.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does pregnancy cause the curves to worsen?

Not necessarily. If the scoliosis curves have stopped progressing before pregnancy then weight gain would not cause any more progression. Moreover, during pregnancy, the body releases a hormone “relaxin” that relaxes the ligaments around the pelvis and spine which allows it to bear more stress due to increased weight.

Pregnant women indeed have a higher risk of curve progression as compared to women with scoliosis who have never been pregnant. But this is a matter of probability with not enough support to back the claim.

2. Will my scoliosis get worse during pregnancy?

Again, not necessarily! Women with or without scoliosis face some amount of back pain. In women with prior back problems though, the chances of stress on the spine are higher.

3. Does scoliosis cause any complications during delivery and labor?

Scoliosis does not cause any additional or unusual complications. It is not necessary for women with scoliosis to get a C-Section, they can opt for a vaginal delivery too. There are some issues with epidural or while pushing out the baby but they are largely manageable.


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