MAGEC Rods for Scoliosis – Procedure, Benefits & Eligibility:

MAGEC rods is an advanced scoliosis treatment procedure that is used to treat children with early onset of scoliosis – particularly for cases with significant curvature of the spine. As a scoliosis treatment for children, it is far more convenient, efficient and offers quicker recovery than traditional growing rod treatment for scoliosis; and in this blog, we help you know why, read on:

Traditional Growing Rods Treatment for Scoliosis – Its Limitations:

For years now, growing rods have been the traditional scoliosis treatment procedure for children suffering from severe spinal curvature which cannot be adequately treated with casting or bracing. The children in the majority of cases are too young for spinal fusion surgery too, making growing rods a standard approach to correct the spinal curvature.

However, growing rods had their set issues too. The procedure required the implantation of spinal rods that corrected the curvature. But these rods had to be regularly replaced with repetitive surgeries as the child grows, until they reach skeletal maturity and then finishing up with final spinal fusion surgery.

MAGEC Rods – Scoliosis Treatment in the UK:

MAGEC growing rods is an advanced scoliosis treatment for children where remote-controlled implantable rods are used to correct the spinal curvature and minimize the scoliosis progression in children.

Scoliosis treatment procedure using MAGEC Rods:

Like traditional growing rods, MAGEC rods are implanted into the child’s spine but they differ in the way they are stretched as per the child’s growth. The rods are built with precision motors which expand the rods magnetically and are controlled by an external remote. Since these rods are adjusted every 3-6 months as per the growth of the child, this procedure is non-invasive and is performed by the spinal surgeon in his office.
Either one or two rods are implanted in the child’s back through incisions and are attached to the spine with screws and hooks. An X-ray is taken after the surgery to note the measurements and the child is to wear a brace s brace for three months after surgery and can return to normal activity after consultation with the spine specialist.
The spine specialist will let the child know the activities he must avoid after the surgery. During their normal daily routine, a child is recommended to avoid putting excess weight on the back to protect the rods from possible damage or break. Extreme activities like gymnastics, jumping, skateboarding are better avoided as they increase the chance of spinal injury.

Is MAGEC rods scoliosis treatment using MAGEC Rods suitable for my child?

MAGEC Rods treatment is suitable for children whose abnormal spinal curvature is more likely to worsen with age and have their growth spurt remaining. It is not recommended for children with extra-severe spinal deformities, infants, young children, or for children who almost reached their growth potential. However, only an expert orthopaedic spine surgeon in UK can decide on a thorough diagnosis. If you are living in the UK and are looking for a spine specialist in the UK, then you can contact Children and Adult Spinal Surgeon Mr Jwalant S Mehta here: