What is Scoliosis Surgery?

Scoliosis surgery is a very big decision for any patient and even the immediate caregivers and therefore the patient and the caregivers are both informed and thoroughly discussed with about the same. It is only suggested after all other non- surgical methods like physiotherapy are exhausted without yielding desired results. Only then is the patient advised to opt for scoliosis surgery. Dr. Jwalant Mehta is explaining in the video that it is a very involved process including the healthcare providers, the immediate caregivers and the patient.

Scoliosis surgery is a surgery of spinal fusion. It is performed when there is a curve in the patient’s spine. In scoliosis surgery this curved vertebrae is realigned and fused together so that they heal and combine into one single solid bone. It is a common understanding that any patient with a severe cure, anything ner 45-50 degrees will need a surgery to reduce the curve and prevent it from getting even worse.

Dr. Mehta is telling in the video how scoliosis surgery, like other spine surgeries at Bromsgrove Private Clinic are conducted by two surgeons. The surgery is performed using spinal cord monitoring machine, which makes sure that the spinal cord is safe during the surgery. During the surgery when the spine corrections are being done and the spine is being straightened it is very important that the safety of spinal cord is ensured, which is done by spinal cord monitoring machine. These operations go on for several hours and it is very important that the surgeon meets the anesthetist beforehand as s/he is a very important part of the procedure. This meeting calls for the discussion about any other medical problems the patient has with the anesthetist and if the patient is safe to go ahead with the operation.

These are complicated operations and they can deliver good results, provided every aspect is kept in mind and all other contingencies are dealt with diligence.