Reasons Why Kids Need Chiropractic Care

Kids are often taken to chiropractors when they have any issues related to spine. But, kids who are completely healthy should also visit a chiropractor and the reason is brain.

Every parent would wish that their child should grow up healthy and with proper brain development should excel in whatever they do. Brain and spinal cord are interrelated and optimal function and movement of spine is what keeps your brain also healthy.

Why children need chiropractic care?

Developing spines are sensitive to childhood traumas or injuries. Kids may fall down while playing, get injured and may also forget such incidents. At times, such falls may cause micro traumas which can put pressure on nerves and spinal bones. This can even remain undetected for years.  Since, chiropractic care is essential for kids.

Kids may need a chiropractic care for:

  • Supporting overall health and well being: Taking care of spinal cord through routine check up with chiropractors can help you kids grow up healthy and stay away from grave diseases
  • Improved sleeping: Kids or adults who have no health issues or injuries can sleep without any problems. To ensure that your child is healthy, it is suggested to conduct occasional visits to chiropractors to ensure that your child is healthy
  • Improved behavior and attitude: If the brain is kept happy and healthy, positive thoughts will sustain. These thoughts can impact the behavior and attitude of your kid. Thus, the body will be free from diseases and stays healthy
  • Improved immune system function: Spinal cord injuries may weaken the immune system, leading to many diseases. Thus if your kid’s spinal cord, posture etc is right, the immune system will also be improved as a result
  • To help with breathing difficulties and allergies: Breathing difficulties and allergies can affect your kid if the immune system is weak. Thus chiropractors help the kids stay healthy and this can strengthen the immune system
  • To encourage good spinal posture: Good spinal posture is important for the overall development of the child. A chiropractor can educate and make the kids and their parents aware of the importance of good posture and how it is beneficial for spinal health

Dr Jwalant S Mehta is a consultant spinal surgeon who has specialized in treating spinal conditions and deformities. His practice mainly focuses on rectifying children and adult spinal issues and deformities. Even then, he treats all spinal conditions. He has also completed spinal fellowships in Bristol and Columbia, Missouri and USA. He has been a full time spinal surgeon since 2009. He is actively involved in teaching and research as well.

Dr Mehta is experienced in treating many spinal conditions deformities like Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis, Neuromuscular Scoliosis, Adult Spinal Deformity, Early onset scoliosis, Congenital scoliosis, Spondylolisthesis and Scoli Zone.

You can approach Dr Mehta for Chiropractic related queries, treatments and consultations. Please contact the clinic directly for new appointments, review appointments and for any change in date and time.