Scoliosis in UK: How Does Scoliosis Affect The Human Body?

Scoliosis is the sideways curve of the spine which is most often dismissed in adolescents and children Given the rapid growth spurt, the curvature also tends to get severe which over time can affect breathing and lung function.

“But that is only the beginning when left untreated Scoliosis can impact the entire body from the ribs, and pelvis to the heart and nervous system. It can deplete nutrition resources and damage hormonal, digestive and nervous systems”, says the leading spinal specialist doctor in the UK, Mr Jwalant S Mehta.

Read on to know more about the impact of Scoliosis and ways to mitigate the symptoms and treatment for Scoliosis in the UK.

How does Scoliosis impact the human body?

Scoliosis visibly affects the fundamental pillar of the human body – the spine. The spine which tends to curve damages the structural stability and impacts the function of many organs in the body in the following ways:

  1. Scoliosis cause visible deformity in the skeletal system:

The first and foremost sign of Scoliosis is a skeletal deformity. Some of the common deformities caused by Scoliosis that are visible to the naked eye are:

  • Uneven slanting of the shoulders and uneven eye tilt.
  • Protruding single shoulder blade
  • Ribs that stick out on one side of the body
  • Leg length inconsistency
  • Torso that unevenly leans in one direction
  1. Reduces the ability to take deep breathes:

Yes, Scoliosis can affect your breathing and can cause lung problems. The spine that abnormal curves can cause the ribs to stick out which ultimately cuts down the total cardiac output and reduces the ability to take deep breaths.

  1. Obstruct the signals of the nervous system and CSF:

The contortion of the ribs and curvature of the spine stretches out the nerves which can obstruct the nerve signals. The impeded nervous system can cause a variety of symptoms which can include a tingling sensation in the legs and arms or even pain that radiates down the limbs. This interruption can also interrupt the circulation of CSF fluid which can interrupt headaches.

  1. Causes digestive problems:

Similar to spine there is another tube-like structure that travels along with the spine which gets affected suet o spinal curvature – the digestive tract. The curvature in the neck can impede swallowing, the thoracic spinal curve can constrict the tract that travels down the intestine. Scoliosis may also compress the stomach which can result in the accumulation of stomach acid, constipation, lack of optimal nutrient absorption and more.

In addition to the above Scoliosis can also interrupt the proper functioning of the female reproductive system. “Scoliosis can take a toll on mental health too. Scoliosis patients often suffer elevated levels of body image issues, anxiety, depression, dysmorphia, anger and aggression”, says a spinal specialist doctor in UK Mr Jwalant S Mehta.

The only way mitigates the symptoms and stop the progression is to begin the treatment for Scoliosis as soon as possible. If you are in the UK and are looking for treatment for Scoliosis in the UK then you can contact Children and Adult Spinal Surgeon Mr Jwalant S Mehta.