Microdiscectomy Surgery for Low Back Pain

Microdiscectomy surgery is performed when you have a herniated disk in your spine. The bones that form our vertebrae are each supported with several discs. These small cushion-like bones are coated with an outer layer called the annulus. These small disks act as the binder in the spine and play the role of shock absorbers on behalf of your spine.

A herniated disc means the dislocation of a spinal disc. It means your disc has bulged out of the annulus, causing a rupture or damage of the annulus. Though herniated disc can happen in any part of your spine, it mostly occurs in the lower back known as the lumbar spine.

There can be many reasons for a herniated disc, like – excessive and forceful strain, brutal injury, any spinal accidents. It can sometimes happen due to old age or can run in genetic deformations.

A few common symptoms to identify you have herniated disc are :

  • Severe back pain
  • Unable to move lower back
  • Pain in buttocks
  • Pain while sitting or moving
  • Arm pain
  • Pain on leg’s calf muscles
  • Numbness or tingling in the spine
  • Weakness and inability to do anything

Microdiscectomy surgery is known to be the reliable option for treating your herniated disc in the lower part of the spine. Though the surgery can come with many microdiscectomy complications, still it becomes inevitable to perform given you have serious back pain.

Discectomy Procedure Steps:

Microdiscectomy surgery is done by giving the patient general anaesthesia. This means the person undergoing the surgery remains unconscious the whole time of the operation. As the surgery is being done on your back, the patient lays face down. The following are the steps of how microdiscectomy surgery is performed on a person –

  • The doctors at first make an 11-12 inches long incision on the part where the patient has the herniated disc
  • A lighted microscope is inserted into the area to get the perfect spot and position of that disc that is to be operated on
  • With the help of scissors, the doctor will remove the damaged tissue over the herniated disc, releasing the pressure it was inflicting on the nerve
  • Lastly, the incision is stitched back together

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Microdiscectomy Recovery Pain :

The recovery process of microdiscectomy surgery is quite soon. A patient is generally asked to be discharged from the hospital within 24 hours of the operation.

It is worthwhile to do certain exercises and movements, which are good for your lower back. It will be advisable for you to not lift anything heavy, sit for a long period, carry heavy things, or move hastily, at least for the first 2-4 weeks of the surgery. Afterwards, you can resume your life as you used to.

Studies show 85% of the patients who have undergone microdiscectomy surgery were able to have physical success in the long run.

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