How Does a Hyperextension Brace Work? Types of Back Braces

The spine orthopedic surgeon may use hyperextension braces to treat patients with severe back pain, fractures, and who may require a recovery from spinal surgery. Hyperextension braces control the movement and bending of the spinal cord so that it recovers quickly and the sensitive parts remain protected.

Pain at the junction of the thoracic spine and lumbar spine is cured using the brace. The brace is made up of a rectangular metal frame with 3 pads attached to it. Now, this metal frame is worn at the front part of the body and gives pressure on the chest and the pubic area. This also puts on some pressure on the thoracic spine and supports it to stay in place.

Now comes the purpose of the 3 pads attached to the metal frame. While one pad goes to the abdominals, the other one supports the chest. The last pad goes around the back mainly covering the injured or affected area.

Reputed scoliosis clinic UK recommends using hyperextension braces after a serious spinal surgery or in case of a compression fracture for quicker recovery. However, you must remember that a brace is specially designed by an orthodontist so that it fits you and serves the purpose. Also, using it properly is mandatory for the best result.

How does the brace work?

Now that you know the structure of a hyperextension base, let us focus on how it helps a patient. The very first purpose is to limit the bending and movement of the spinal cord.

As the brace is installed at the front part of the body, forward bending becomes limited. As the movement is restricted, any compression fracture gets to heal faster as the spine is held in place.

If you had spinal surgery, your spine has likely become weak and sensitive. To avoid any post-surgery injury and support the unstable spinal cord, the doctor may suggest wearing a hyperextension brace.

Therefore, the whole structure of the hyperextension brace holds the spine in position, restricts forward bending and free movement of the spine. It facilitates recovery, avoids potential risks after surgery, prevents distortion of the spine, and also relieves pain.


Types of Hyperextension Braces

Scoliosis surgery UK uses two main types of hyperextension braces. These are mentioned below.

  • Corset braces– These are soft braces made up of nylon or cloth with a plastic or metal frame. It is usually worn around the trunk of the patient covering the pelvic area. It puts pressure on the spine keeping it in place. The brace is adjustable giving comfort to the patient.
  • Molded jackets– Made up of hard materials, molded jackets cover the lower and upper back. It prevents side, forward, and backward movement of the spine. This is especially for patients with severe conditions.

Both have different purposes and are deployed according to the condition of the patient.

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