Can Improve Quality of Life: Spinal Cord Stimulator

If you are facing severe back or neck pain and medicines or therapies are not giving you any relief, the best UK surgeons may recommend you to go for a spinal cord stimulator to provide you a better quality of life.

A spinal cord stimulator is a device that has thin wires and a generator. This generator is fixed under the skin in the abdomen or buttock area. The wires go between the spinal cord and the vertebrae.

This device is controlled by a remote which initiates the generation of electrical impulses when the patient is suffering from chronic pain. Though the mechanism is still not fully comprehended by doctors, they assume that it alters the way the brain senses pain.


Types of Spinal Cord Stimulator

Three main types of spinal cord stimulators are there that scoliosis private treatment UK may use. Let us look into these three options.

  • The conventional implantable pulse generator (IPG) is the most common one which is battery-generated. The battery goes to the spine and has to be replaced with further surgery in case it runs out. It generates lower electrical impulses that may relax the pain of a single body part.


  • We can say that the rechargeable IPG is a modified version of the conventional IPG. This device can be recharged from the outside without surgery and spreads higher electrical impulses that can cure the pain of a larger body area.


  • Though many advanced devices are available, radiofrequency simulators are used by some doctors. The battery of this device is rechargeable and placed outside the body. It releases high electrical impulses impacting a broader body area.

To operate the devices properly, the doctor would do some presets. Besides, he would instruct you on how to adjust the power of the electrical impulse and operate the device correctly.

Why do you need a spinal cord stimulator?

Many severe conditions of pain may appear when you would not be able to function properly. In such situations, your life becomes disturbed and that is why a spinal cord stimulator is required.

Below is given the conditions when scoliosis treatment UK can suggest using a spinal cord stimulator.

  • Back pain even after taking drugs, therapies, and surgery
  • Neck pain
  • For the swelling of the arachnoid
  • Any injury to the spinal cord
  • If any pain felt in the nerves
  • Severe heart pain that can’t be cured in other ways
  • Stubborn pain in body parts
  • Post amputation pain
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Abdominal or perineal pain

These are some conditions when using a spinal cord stimulator can help.

Though you may need to be careful in your daily life after installing the device (during driving, swimming, etc.), you would get relief from chronic pain which would ultimately make your life comfortable and better. The quality of life would improve as your body would function with ease.

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