Extreme Lower Back and Hip Pain During Menopause

Hip Pain During Menopause: Women spend half their life going through menstruation. During menstruation, the women go through back pains, stomach ache’s and all sorts of mood swings. Women bleed for a maximum of 5 days per month. Even after this, they suffer to some extent when they go through menopause. It is the time when their menstruation comes to an end and stops.

A woman goes through her menopause in between the age of 45-50 years. They go through immense pain at this time too. They get mood swings, back pain, hip and Lower back pain which can even result in serious problems. They also experience menopause pain in lower abdomen that causes them severe pain.

Lower Back Pain During Menopause

Woman go through hormonal lower back pain during her time of menopause. Many studies have proven and shown that the woman who go through immense and higher pain are more likely to face chronic lower back pain during her menopause.

Most woman suffer from lower back and spine pain as the menopause gets too much for them to handle. As a result of the chronic pain, women start to rely and depend more on painkillers which is not very advisable. Some tips to manage such chronic lower back pain are:

  • Practice as many relaxation exercises as you can. The more relaxed and exercised your mind and body is, the less pain you will feel.
  • Try to not stress out too much as it will only add more to your pain.
  • Move around and do things that keep you active. Being lazy and laid back will decrease your body movements and exercise.
  • Get plenty of rest and sleep.

Hip Pain During Menopause

Woman also go through a hip pain during her menopause. Women during her menopause has a high chance of developing gluten tendinopathy which is a serious hip pain where the outer or the lateral side of the hip is effected.

This happens due to the lose of oestrogen during Menopause as the time for tendon repairs take longer than usual. Some tips to ease the pain and treat such hip pain during Menopause are:

  • Visit a physiotherapist and get therapy and massage for your affected area.
  • Know your body well and do necessary care to prevent the pain from increasing or even getting the pain at all.
  • Also do exercise therapies and do exercises that help in easing the pain.
  • Get enough rest and sleep.
  • Also get strength training for your hips and tendons to make it stronger.   

Final Overview

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