Do patients always require an operation if they suffer from back pain?

Do patients always require an operation if they suffer from back pain?

Patients come to Bromsgrove Knee Clinic usually to cure the pain, but as Mr Jwalant S. Mehta explains here while treating back pain we deal with quality of life of the patient. Everybody who suffers from back pain does not necessarily need an operation or surgery. Mostly treatments like physiotherapy, ancillary therapy or sometimes even just altercations in lifestyle are suggested to tackle the pain. After these methods do not work injections are tried and only the last resort is surgery when everything else is unsuccessful.

Most of the people in the world will experience back pain sometime or the other in their lifetime. It is usually disabling and worrisome but what you to understand is that it is very common and rarely dangerous. You should consult your doctor at Mehta spine clinic and continue to take precautions, but unless your doctor advices you so, you don’t have to alter your life completely or take to bed.

Your spine is a strong and stable structure and in most cases it is just a strain or sprain. According to research in 98% of the cases people recover quickly with little or no treatment. Some studies have also shown that prolonged rest and avoidance of activity by people with lower back pain can increase the pain and slow down the recovery process and increase the disability. So unless advised by your doctor do not take to bed instead go for proper treatment which seldom requires surgery. Although during the first few days when your back pain starts you should avoid any activity that aggravates the pain and seek medical help as soon as possible.

Though it is obvious that you will move slowly and differently to accommodate the back pain initially but continuing to do so can be unhealthy. You should try to stay as active as possible and return to all usual unless your doctor advices against it.


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