4 Simple Spine Care Tips for a Healthy Spine

By Children and Adult Spinal Surgeon in UK

Every individual at some point in time post-30s must have experienced back pain. As a spine clinic in the UK, we actively spend the majority of time treating back pain caused by a variety of spinal conditions in both children and adults.

Also every month we get plenty of questions on spinal conditions but the most common as always is about – yes, back pain and spine care exercise to avoid it. So in today’s blog with inputs from spine care specialist Mr. Jwalant S Mehta .

we list out some of the simple and most effective spine care tips that can strengthen your spine and guard you against back pain. Read on:

  1. Deep belly breathing: 

    This is the simplest and effective exercise that can help improve spine health in the long run and contribute to improved posture, especially in children. Take a deep breath in and out in a way that the belly moves inward and outward as you inhale and exhale. For adults practising this for a set period over a long period can help improve spine health and reduce pain. Parents are recommended to foster this deep breathing habits in children right from childhood to improve spine health.

  2. Sleep right and help your spine: 

    Sleep is when your spine de-loads, relaxes and rejuvenates to get ready for the next day. So it is important to give maximum rest to your spine by choosing the right mattress and adopting good sleeping habits. Spine specialists often recommend the firm or medium-firm mattress. In addition to this, it is important to adopt good sleeping habits that keep the spine naturally aligned. Back sleepers can place a pillow beneath the knees, side sleepers can try out a pillow between the knees to help align the spine and hips respectively. However, if you are already suffering from back pain, you are advised to consult a spine care specialist before making adjustments.

  3. Practice good posture while sitting: 

    The spinal discs in the lower back are loaded more while sitting than standing which is why spine care specialists often recommend cutting down sitting time. However, it is more important to practice the right posture while we sit as most of the time is spent sitting no matter how much we cut it down. Take help from a certified physiotherapist or spine care specialist to improve your sitting posture.

  4. Exercise: 

    While the above three tips help you protect your spine, exercise is about strengthening the spine to improve its health and prevent injuries. While a general full-body exercise regimen is recommended, core muscles must be focussed more as they rarely get the exercise they need, according to Children and Adult Spinal Surgeon Mr Jwalant S Mehta. Since exercise when not done with proper form can trigger new back pain problems, consult a physiotherapist or specialist to get the right set of exercises for you with correct form.

However, if you are suffering from the prior condition of back pain, then thread carefully with exercise. Consult a spine care specialist to treat your back pain and follow a customized plan to improve your spine health. If you are living in and around Birmingham are looking to consult a Spine Care Specialist in Birmingham you can contact Children and Adult Spinal Surgeon Mr Jwalant S Mehta here.