An Overview of Adult Spinal Deformities

Maintaining a good posture is extremely necessary but it is not taken very seriously. Having a bad posture especially when it comes to your back is the starting point of so many back problems. This also affects your spinal cord majorly and causes certain deformities in many cases.

Spinal deformities refer to the change in the alignment of your spinal column when viewed from any direction. From the side, you can notice a change in the curvature of the back. This happens due to excessive forward bending postures and increased hunching of the upper back. These deformities are reversible by spinal correction.

Some of the other reasons why spinal deformities can get escalated over time are mentioned below:

  • The quality of your bones may be poor and weaker due to which your vertebrae collapse.
  • After having spinal surgery in the past, excessive wear and tear or any physical exertion caused when the area has not fully recovered can also lead to severe issues about your spine.
  • Osteoarthritis means the wear and tear of your spine when you have arthritis which can also result in such deformities. This usually happens with aging.
  • Sometimes, you have a deformed spinal cord since birth but it gets severe in adulthood due to intense physical activities.
  • Spondylolisthesis is a condition where one of the affected vertebrae moves forward compared to the lower vertebrae.

The issues related to the spine are not always as intense to cause major disabilities. Such problems are very common in aging people since they have weaker bones.  Sometimes, spinal cord issues can be cured by proper medication to avoid pain. Their spinal issues do not prevent them from performing any regular tasks.

However, in other people, the intensity of these issues may cause some major issues. In such cases, some deformities affect your regular tasks and the quality of your life. These people are unable to stand erect and have a problem walking for a long time because the pain in their back is quite intense.

There are surgeries available that have proven to be very effective and have cured multiple people dealing with a drastic change in the curvature of their spine and also other deformities caused. Some of the basic precautionary measures that are followed even by the British Association of spine surgeons while the surgery is performed are:

  • Minimize blood loss while performing the surgery.
  • Use high-quality anaesthesia for a better effect and faster recovery.
  • Use highly advanced tools and instruments for ensuring the surgery is highly efficient and effective.

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