How to Relieve Neck Stiffness After Sleeping?

Waking up with a stiff neck can be such a damp beginning for a morning. You might be even wondering if you had done something wrong in your sleep. Don’t worry most times, a stiff neck can be spontaneous, resulting due to a few mishaps unaware to you. But the good news is that this stiff neck is treatable with simple remedies.

With the inputs from Children & Adult Spinal Surgeon in UK Mr Jwalant S Mehta, we provide a brief introduction to this debilitating condition. And then suggest a few remedies to relieve neck stiffness that is triggered after your sleep. Read on:

Waking Up with Neck Stiffness & Pain – Causes: 

We often do not give much thought to the pillow we use or the position we take to sleep, but they are often the cause of sore and stiff neck in the morning. The most common causes of neck stiffness and pain post the sleep include:   

1. Sleeping Position:

Resorting to an awkward sleep position mid-sleep can put unnatural stress on neck muscles and ligaments for an extended period and this often causes a sore and stiff neck in the morning.

best sleeping position with neck pain

2. Pillow:

Using a pillow that creates an unnatural angle can stress and create tension in neck muscles resulting in a stiff neck. If you are experiencing sudden stiffness and pain check if you have changed your pillow. 

orthopedic neck pillow


3. Sudden Movement:

Sudden neck movements from rolling and tossing can put the neck in an awkward position straining or spraining it in the morning.

4. Prior Injury:

Prior injury (especially spine) can also be the reason when adequate steps prescribed by a spine specialist in UK are not followed while sleeping.

How to Cure Neck Pain Quickly? 

Applying an ice pack to the sore neck for at least 15 minutes can help reduce the inflammations. Having a warm shower can also loosen muscles to improve mobility. In addition to this OTC (Over-The-Counter Medications), gentle massage and physical activity to improve circulation are also suggested to reduce pain.


Prevention Tips for Neck Stiffness & Pain: 

According to neck pain specialists, sleeping on the back instead of sleeping on the stomach is found to reduce the possibility of neck pain. Some of the prevention tips for neck pain and stiffness include:

1. Use a pillow between the legs to keep your neck in alignment with the spine – if you are a side sleeper.

2. Use a memory foam pillow that can provide adequate support to the neck.

3. Avoid using a pillow that is too stiff for your head.

4. Maintain proper posture while sitting, standing or walking. Special care must be taken for proper posture alignment while working at desks.

5. Regular exercise and physical activity for optimal mobility and strength.

However one must seriously consider the reason if the stiff neck is a frequent affair. If you are looking for the reasons for your stiff neck and want to treat this frequent pain as soon as possible we request you consult a neck pain specialist doctor in the UK as soon as possible. Children & Adult Spinal Surgeon in UK Mr Jwalant S Mehta will be happy to help you provide relief from this debilitation condition; you can contact him.