What is your experience in spinal deformities?

Spinal deformity can happen to anybody at any age, it has been seen to occur through the entire age spectrum. The spine is considered to be deformed when an unnatural curvature occurs in the spine, unusual from the regular shape of the spine, as in scoliosis which shows side-to-side curve or kyphosis and Scheuermanns disease which shows front-to-back curve. It also occurs due to some defects, like spondylolisthesis or sometimes even the damage to the spine can cause a spinal deformity like, if there are multiple fractures or ankylosing spondylitis.

Mr Jwalant S. Mehta, Consultant Children and Adult Spinal Surgeon at the Bromsgrove Knee Clinic details his experience with spinal deformities. 70% of his time in the NHS is spending correcting such deformities. Mr Jwalant S. Mehta has had significant experience of dealing with patients of all ages with different types of spinal deformities ranging from scoliosis to kyphosis to spondylolisthesis, all of which are complex conditions which very few clinics are able to deal with.

There are critical options available that need to be considered for spinal deformities, and we consult for and treat all of them. You can visit our clinic for more details and consultation.

In the video above Mr Jwalant S. Mehta is discussing the criticalities of a back surgery and how it affects the entire age spectrum. The decision for a back surgery is a serious one and a good doctor is the biggest success factor in the decision of back surgery. Sometimes with children the doctor might decide to wait for a few years to perform the surgery.


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