Why do patients get back pain

Almost everyone at some point in their life time would have suffered back pain. If you are one of the victims too, you might have wondered about the possible reason for this sudden aches in your back.

So what causes back pain?

Mr Jwalant S. Mehta has the answer:

As told by Dr. Mehta, the reason for back pain is seldom a single one. Though a multifactorial condition, the causes of your back pain can be a single or a mix of factors. According to an ongoing medical research, here are the reasons for your back pain:

Biological factors causing back pain:

Biological factors are the body and tissue-based factors that we have little to control over. They can be genetic or hereditary factors that contribute to early onset of disk degeneration. In cases of normal and healthy individuals, natural aging and subsequent disk degeneration may lead to back pain. Joint strains, spasms of muscles, nervous disorders also may contribute to the back pain.

Work environmental factors causing back pain:

More than one-third of our total time is spent in our work environment, sitting in front of the screen in improper posture or performing repetitive physical tasks with incorrect form. These awkward repetitive tasks have their impact on the spine putting pressure on the discs and the back, resulting in a stiff back and eventually, the back pain. Now couple this scenario with the aging back and disk degeneration, the chances of back pain drastically raises and that is what is happening around.

Lifestyle factors causing back pain:

Having been said about the inevitable aging and environment factors, the poor lifestyle choices further increase the chance of back pain. The lack of exercise and proper diet results in weakened muscles and thus lending a poor support to the back. These sedentary lifestyle choices also hinder the nourishment of ligaments, discs and soft tissues further slowing down the healing process.

Biological, lifestyle and environment factors alone or compounded, over time result in the back pain. But the exact cause of the back pain cannot be picked right away until the intervention of the medical expert.

So is surgery necessary for getting rid of these back pains?

Absolutely not. Not all the back pains need surgery. Over 90% of these cases can be easily treated using physiotherapy and other treatment options. Of course, there are certain cases of chronic back that may need the surgeon but all the cases of back pain do need a proper attention of a medical expert as soon as possible.


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