What Are The Success Rates For Back Surgery?

Persistent back pain can be very debilitating and restrictive. It doesn’t just hinder your lifestyle but also make you dependent on others, apart from the constant unbearable pain you go through

After much study and discussion with your doctor you might come to the conclusion of having a back surgery. The decision to have back surgery should always be tries after going through available nonsurgical or "conservative" options. However, when the pain is relentless and associated with a mechanical problem in the spine, you might have to talk to your doctor about a back surgery.

The criticality of a back surgery requires extensive planning and attentiveness and care on the part of the surgeon. This is what we deliver at Mehta Spine Clinic. The pre-operative discussions about what the patient needs, what problem s/he is facing, how to deal with it, and what the reports show, these factors usually define the success or failure of a back surgery. When correct principals are applied to the right situations with right individual great results can be expected post the back operation.

There are multiple procedures available for spine-related back problems, and we cater to all of them. You can visit our clinic for more details and consultation. With the help of right team of doctors and surgeons you can have a successful surgery to treat back pain and lead a pain free life.

Here’s our consultant Children and Adult Spinal Surgeon, Mr. Jwalant S Mehta, Spine Surgery Specialist UK is discussing that success rates for back surgery depends on correct principal and proper planning.

Jwalant Mehta, Consultant Children and Adult Spinal Surgeon at the Bromsgrove Knee Clinic, describes how the success of a back surgery dependent upon the surgeon’s awareness to details, proper report study and diligence during the procedure.


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