Paediatric Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common problems experienced by older adults. In most cases, it is caused due to normal wear and tear of joints and discs of bone as people get older.

But Paediatric Back Pain i.e. back pain in younger children is not a common complaint, it is not like the common back pain that is found in adults. The functional and mechanical causes of this type of back pain are not common for this age group, so the Paediatric back pain could be an indication of serious underlying disorder and demands a sincere attention to establish a primary diagnosis.

Back Pain in Children

The seriousness of the problem is inversely proportional to the age of the child; younger the child, more serious the condition could turn out to be.

Signs and symptoms of Paediatric Back Pain:
  1. Pain in the nights causing sleeplessness.
  2. Growing numbness and weakness.
  3. Stiffness or Walking troubles.
  4. Constant pains lasting for weeks
  5. General illness or weight loss.

Chance of the all the above signs and symptoms being the causes of the serious disorder are especially high if your child is four years or younger. So, these cases must be treated as early as possible to prevent worsening of the condition. It could also be possible that these signs don’t necessarily point to a serious condition, a screening test is performed by the doctor to evaluate the condition and diagnose it.


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