Do you carry out minimally invasive surgery for back pain?

So let us start by first explaining what is minimally invasive spine surgery?

As the name suggests minimally invasive spine surgery aims to stabilize the vertebral bones and spinal joints and/or relieve the pressure that is being applied to the spinal nerves. This spinal pressure may result in conditions like spinal instability, bone spurs, herniated discs, scoliosis or even spinal tumors.

Minimally invasive surgical approaches as compared to open spine surgery may prove to be quicker, safer and requires less recovery time for the patient. It reduces the trauma caused to the muscles and soft tissues as compared to the open spine procedures.

Discussed below are some potential benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery:

  • Minimally invasive procedures form smaller skin incisions (sometimes as small as 2 centimeters), which shows a better cosmetic result.
  • Due to fewer invasions there is less blood loss from the surgery.
  • It reduces the risk of muscle damage as it involves less or no cutting of the muscle.
  • Minimally invasive spine surgery reduces the risk of infection and postoperative pain.
  • It also facilitates faster recovery from surgery.
  • Less rehabilitation is required for the patient.
  • It reduces the dependence on pain medications after surgery.

How does minimally invasive spine surgery work?

In human body the spinal nerves, the vertebrae and discs are located deep inside the body. In order to reach or gain access to this spinal area requires moving the muscles and tissues out of the way. In minimally invasive spine surgery this is achieved by making a small incision and guiding instruments and microscopic video cameras via this incision performing the required surgery.

In the video above Mr Jwalant S. Mehta explains that minimally invasive procedures reduce collateral damage and reduce patients healing and hospital time. However he explains that not all kinds of spinal surgery can be performed using this approach. It is important to discuss the goals and expectations of the surgery and if it is suitable for minimally invasive procedure or a traditional approach is needed.


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