Back and Neck Pain

Pediatric Back Problems

Children and young adults form a unique group with a different group of conditions. The problems can range from a juvenile disc prolapse, spinal infections, spondylolysis, benign spinal tumors and spinal deformities. Investigations and treatment are individualized to the person. The start point of the investigations is usually an MRI scan and some may require more sophisticated tests such as SPECT CT scans.

Low back pain is a common spinal condition. There are several possible causes ranging from muscular through to degeneration of the discs and the facet joints, osteoporosis and compression fractures and rarely an early presentation of an infection or tumour. MRI scans can identify most of the possible structural lesions. Occasionally CT, SPECT and erect xrays are required.

The treatment options range from conservative treatment, ancillary treatments, injections and in selected cases surgery for fusion of the spine.

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