Does physiotherapy always work for back pain?

Back pain can usually cause alarm and worry you about its implication but most of the time back pain is not due to a serious problem and not a big cause of concern. Physiotherapists in these situations are able to assess and diagnose the cause of this pain and help you overcome that.

Physiotherapy is the first step in treatment of any spinal problems. By seeking out the physiotherapist immediately, you decrease the chances of escalating the spinal problem and may be easily able to treat it effectively. Physiotherapist skilled in manual therapy use precise techniques to relieve stiffness and relieve the pain and facilitate the movement in your joint and muscles of your spine.

It is most important that you seek out a physiotherapist as early as possible as it will increase your chance of full recovery and activity and will effectively decrease your pain. This is a treatment that focuses on physical movement by the patient, exercise, mechanics, and posture and thus improves the symptoms quickly and reduces the chance of recurrence. A physiotherapist will tailor make the treatment for you depending on your specific problem based on examination and probable causes. This kind of treatment is usually very effective if consulted immediately after the pain starts. The longer the symptoms remain the harder it is to treat.

In the above video Mr Jwalant S. Mehta explains that how physiotherapy is a very useful start point and a physiotherapist is person who can guide and help you through the common things like how you modify your daily physical activity around the pain, how you lift and shift, how you guide yourself through the day. Only when physiotherapy fails to bring sufficient relief in pain, we need to escalate the treatment to scans and in some cases surgery.


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